Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Username: Evie by: Joe Sugg

My Summary: Username: Evie is about a girl that is bullied at school, her father wants to create a virtual reality where Evie can be herself and be happy. But once she goes to this virtual reality her cousin has found out about it and also goes into this reality and everything goes wrong from there.

My Opinion and reasons: My opinion about this book is that it is a really good book because for me I like action books, and also a bit of an emotional book so this was a really good graphic novel.

My Rating/Recommendation: My rating for this would be 5 out of 5 stars, and I recommend this book to people who like graphic novels and action books.

Monday, 25 January 2016

A Wrinkle in Time By Madeleine L'Engle


My Summary: This girl named Meg Murry and she is transported in through time with her little brother Charles and her friend Kevin to rescue her father. But the evil forces hold her dad as a prisoner in another planet so they have to go and save him. Can they? Read to find out

My Opinion and reasons: My opinion is that this book is very good and interesting and would appeal more to a fan of fantasy and adventure. If you are a fan you will love it, it is a lot of fun

My Rating/Recommendation: I recommend this book to fantasy and adventure fans. My rating is 4.7/5. Read it and enjoy it.

Maze Runner

Title:Maze Runner
Author:James Dashner

My Summary:
In this book Thomas gets sent into a group of boys. They try to escape out of the maze which has many grievers inside. There is also a girl who gets sent up a day after Thomas arrived. Thomas also made other friends like Newt,Minho and Chuck. He also has enemies in the glade as well. Will he be able to escape the maze?

My Opinion and reasons:
I like this book because it is the first book of the series and I like the series.

My Rating/Recommendation:
4/5 I recommend this book to anyone.

Helen Keller

Title:Helen Keller
Author:Leslie Garrett

My Summary:
Helen Keller was a blind,deaf and dumb girl .Her parents did not know that she had many problems .After a while they noticed that she had problems and they did not take care of her properly.And she was sent to a lady to teach her how to study. She learnt some of them by actions and writing.And she loved writing story. After sometime she came back to her house and she did not like her parents and she was getting older and older. She was very stubborn to her family and she left them and went somewhere because her parents sent to another lady .She thought that when her parents can’t take care of her. Why should she be there?. So she left her family.Guess what did she do?And what did she become? .Read the book to find out.

My Opinion and reasons: I would like to share this book because.it is  a realistic fiction and mysterious.It is really very interesting this is why i lke this book.

Rating/Recommendation:I would like to recommend this book to people who like to read mystery story  and a realistic fiction story.I would rate this story a 5/5.Hope you read this story.  


Title: SMILE
Author:Raina Telgemeier

My Summary: There is this girl called Raina she used to go to the dentist because her teeth was not good.and she was a in the scouts and one she went and her mom said that her friend’s mom would and after her.So then after class her friend’smom picked her up and she was the first to get dropped in her house. So then her friend said that whoever run’s first to her apartments is the winner and last one is the loser and raina was coming second and she tripped and fell down on the road and then all of them called her mother one of her teeth came out and she had to do a major surgery for her teeth Guess what happened to her teeth and how would it pain for her.read the book to find out.

My Opinion and reasons:i feel this book is good because it is kind of sad and realistic fiction so I think people will like this book a lot and if we read this book it relaxes us.

My Rating/Recommendation:i would rate this book a 4 /5 and I would recommend you to read this because it is sad and funny both mixed that is why I like this book


Treasure Island by Robert Luis Stevenson

My Summary:
Jim Hawkins goes to an Adventure with Dr.Livesley and the squire. But he finds out in the middle of the voyage that most of his crew are pirates. He gets up with a plan to get rid of them. What will he do?

My Opinion and reasons: I think this book is OK because it’s not so thrilling, and not great.

My Rating/Recommendation: I give 6.5 out of 10 and I would recommend this book for adventure lovers.

Friday, 22 January 2016

Death Cure by James dashner

My Summary:In this book the character that survived from the maze and the scorch trial is getting cured from the flare but Thomas knew that it was dangerous and … Read to find out

My Opinion and reasons: I like this book because it is exciting to turn the page and read more

My Rating/Recommendation:I recommend this book to the people who like tensing and fun adventure I rate this as 8/10 because I felt it was little bit long. But except that it was all good

Stone Fox

Stone Fox
Author:John Reynolds Gardiner

My Summary: This is a story of a boy called ‘Little Willy’ trying to solve why his grandfather is wanting to give up his life. He tries everything with his dog ‘Searchlight’. At last he notices that it was because of farm tax. He joins a race to earn $500. Little Willy joins with Searchlight. But there was a big problem in the middle of the race (Read to know).
My Opinion and reasons:
The reason why I want to share this book is because this book made me feel sometimes happy and sometimes sad.
My Rating/Recommendation:
I recommend this book for someone who likes to read a sad story. The book is easy to follow, and I think it is a great book to read to the class! I give this book 5 out of 5 stars!

Charlotte’s Web by E.B WHITE

My Summary:There was one pig who called Wilbur.When he was baby he was gonna  get killed by Fern’s father. But when Fern saw his father is going to kill Wilbur she stopped him and raise Wilbur. When time passed Wilbur when to the farm.In the farm he made many new animal friend.But one day Fern’s uncle is going to kill Wilbur.What is going to happen to Wilbur?

My Opinion and reasons:I chose this book because this is the book makes me nervous and it moved my feeling.

My Rating/Recommendation:I will give this 4 over 5.

Gorilla Dawn by Gill Lewis

Gorilla Dawn Book Cover.png

My Summary: Imara is a young girl. She is supposedly the devil’s child. She had been bitten by a black mamba and lived. She lives with the Mambas, a bandit group that roam the Congo and terrorize villages. She went along with the men and used the devil to protect them. The leader of the Mambas is called the Black Mamba. Then, her life changes when three boys are kidnapped from a village, a pygmy called Saka, a boy called Emmanuel, but all the men call him Frog, and a mean, lonely boy called Dikembe, who willing joins the Mambas, but doesn’t make through his first attack. A young gorilla is taken with the boys to the camp. Bobo’s father is a ranger studying gorillas. But he goes missing while the rebels are in the forest. Will Bobo’s and Imara’s paths meet?
My Opinion and reasons: My opinion of this book was that it was excellent! The characters seem so realistic! You want to help them with the dangers of the rebels.The demon in Imara is horrible, but he gets sorted out.
My Rating/Recommendation: I would rate this book 9 ½ out of ten! I loved the plot and the story, even though some parts are very sad, like when Bobo finds out about his father. But, overall, this book is beautiful.

Thursday, 21 January 2016

Book Review #4

Book Review #4 

Tittle: HELP! There is a cockroach in my underpants. 
AUTHOR: Andy Griffiths & Terry Denton

This is story about a funny joker who always wanna joke. He starts his day with (Acting like he is dead) joke. Well his parents are smarter than him. They knew he was joking so they pay back with a joke. He hates school but he likes to play with his friends. Even at school he is a practical joker. Well sometimes those jokes aren’t fun. Wait did you see a tittle? There is a cockroach in my underpants? What do you think it will happen to him? Do you think he is still joking or real? Well you will find out.

I think this is really funny story. I usually think the same thing as him. So FUN, So NOT BORING.

I will rate this book as… 4 out of 5. I will recommend this book to people who likes awesome… well weird things. And who likes funny jokes. :D  

Death Cure - James Dashner

My Summary: Thomas being left by himself in a room for weeks without human interaction. One day, the "Rat Man" called Jansen,appears and tells Thomas that he is extremely important. He tells Thomas that he has the Flare but he is one of the very rare who are immune to it. He tells Thomas that soon he will know the truth about WICKED. Thomas is reunited with his friends and the other WICKED peoples, including Teresa, Minho and Newt. Because Teresa betrayed him, Thomas doesn't trust Theresa anymore. Jansen tells them all that they will be able to get their memories back by having a surgery that will remove the chip in their brains which the scientists have been using to control and monitor them. Jansen also tells them there are a few among them who aren't immune to the Flare - including Thomas's friend, Newt. Jansen lets them decide if they want to go through with the memory restoring surgery or not.
My Opinion and reasons: 
I think that Janson is a bad person because, in the book he acts rude to the characters.

My Rating/Recommendation: 
5 out of 5. Because this book has a message that touches my mind. Also the message really connected my life, so the book was really fun.

The school for good and evil by Soman Chainani

My Summary: Sophie and Agatha became friends. Sophie is from  the school of good and Agatha is from the school of evil. Every year the school master takes 2 girls one from the school of good and the other from the school of evil and he sends them to another school where it will be a happy ever after for good, and never after for school of evil. This year Sophie and Agatha have been taken, and somehow Agatha went to the good school and Sophie went to the evil school. They try to get back to where they belong and when they did Somehow Agatha went to the school of good and Sophie went back to the school of evil. Will they ever be back to where they're supposed to be?

My Opinion and reasons: I think this is a extremely good book because it half mystery half fiction. The character I liked most is Sophie because she is a good student and she is supposed to go to the school of good.I think this is very interesting book because it explains the problem and how to solve it or do they solve it?

My Rating/Recommendation: I rate this book 5/5 stars. I recommend this book to mystery lovers and fantasy lovers!

Chronicle of Narnia-3 The horse and the boy

In this book, there was a king name Run, the ruler of Archenland, who had twins. But, one of the twins was kidnapped by the pirate when he was a boy, and only one remained with him. As year passed, the kidnapped boy became a teenager and escaped from his stepfather’s house. As he walk, he meets a talking horse and begin his journey to Narnia. When he enters Narnia, he knew the evil plan of Kalorman Empire to attack the kingdom of Archenland and trying to warn Narnia and Archenland before the cavalry of Kalorman breakthrough. But, evil soldiers of Kalerman enters the border of Narnia before they reach…. What will happen to the Archenland?

I think it was pretty good book because unlike other fantasy books, which had only fantasy background with a made-up facts. But, when I was reading this book, I felt that I was reading a history book because, the story was very tense with a climax.

I give 3 point 5 stars out of 5 because, even though the story was very tense, the characteristics of the main character of the story didn’t expressed well as last book of the series. But, I think the students who loves to fantasy book will like it because, it's full of fantasy with centaurs, talking animals and giants.

Androcles and the Lion

Androcles and the Lion    Russell Punter
My Summary:Androcles, who met the lion. He was very scared of the lion. But the lion had thorn in his foot, so Androcles help the lion and became friend. But he(Androcles) caught by soldiers and went to fight with lions. And if he won then he will alive but if he lost then he will die. That the lion was his friend. So do Androcles can win?

My Opinion and reasons: I think this is good book because it shows strong friendship. And it had very happy ending. It make me think about my friends and my friendship.

My Rating/Recommendation:I recommend this book for friend lovers and people who like friends. At Every Point in the story Something is a happy and sad. The book is easy to read, and I think it is a great book to read to the class!
I give this book 5/5  Stars!

Memory Power! by Dhaval Bhatia

This is a book which talks about the techniques which is useful in memorizing names, faces, year dates, phone numbers, speeches, and other things. This book even tells us how to figure out which day of the week is just by knowing the date! The author says that the best ways to memorizing things are connecting word to pictures, making up stories out of the words to remember, and repeating the words to remember.

I liked this book because it explains the memorizing techniques very easily and shows us examples to  help the readers understand. Other reasons why I liked the book were that the memorizing techniques really work and it fascinated me.

I recommend this book to people who want to memorize things better because it helps you memorize everything.

Anne of Avonlea by Lucy Maud Montgomery

My Summary:
The novel “Anne of Avonlea” is preceded by “Anne of Green Gables” and followed by “Anne of the island”. Anne is about reappeared in 17 years old. 2 kids were adopted to their home. Their name was Davy Keith and his twin sister Dora Keith. Because, Mary Keith, the husband of Millie and resident of green gables. Also, in this book, Anne got a job. She became a teacher at the Avonlea. Because, Marilla was toxic, so she decided to stay in Avonlea. She reminded herself to become a admire, kind and friendly teacher to the students. And, when she quit the school, all the students was disappointed and some of them was cried.  

My Opinion and reasons:
In my opinion, it’s most helpful and interesting book I ever read before. The author “Lucy Maud Montgomery” expressed how Anne or the other character feels in detailed way. Because, while I read a book, the impression that Anne was feeling is intacted to me

My Rating/Recommendation: I recommend this book to the reader who wants to know the next story of the “Anne of Green Gables”. Rate: 5/5

Title: Nate The Great / Author: Marc Simont

My Summary

He is detective. Once his friend Annie lost her dog picture, and he try to find it, but he can’t find it! He got information that she like yellow, she has little brother, and he was started to paint recently. So Nate and Annie went to his house. He like to paint red, but there was one orange paint that drew monster….

My opinion and reason

For me, this book was funny, because if he is real detective, he could know who stole her dog’s paint, when he went to her brothers room and saw orange paint.

My Rating/Recommendation:

It’s easy book for other, but for me, some word are difficult, some of them are easy. so my recommendation is ⅘.

The Man in the Iron Mask

I recently finished a book called The Man in the Iron Mask. The author of this book is Alexandre Dumas. Once in Paris, France there was a king who had a twin brother. His name was King Louis IV. Living in that city was a guy called Aramis. Aramis believed that the twin brother of the king should be the actual king. Aramis has to figure out a way to not be recognized but also to switch the two before the king finds out about his plan. This book has a lot of fighting and war.
Aramis figures that the person who should be crowned king is sitting behind a cell. Aramis switched the both of the king and his brother, but then everybody finds out about his plan. Aramis quickly escaped and started walking toward an island where his friend would give him reinforcements. Meanwhile, King Louis IV sends one of his best general (D’Artagnan) to find Aramis. Luckily both the general and Aramis are friends. The book ends with a lot of suspicion and fighting.
When Aramis and Porthos (Aramis’ friend) were in the Grotto Aramis made a heavy decision to make Porthos plant the explosives before he came out. If Porthos had run a little too late he might have died. This was because after he planted the explosives and immediately turned around and ran he still did not manage to get out before the rocks fell on him. I thought that Aramis had made the right decision because they managed to get out.
I think this book is very good and has a lot of story behind it. I like that it keeps the reader at a constant pace.

I recommend this book to people who like friendship and like many stories happening at the same time. I would give this a 4 star rating.

Matilda by Roald Dahl

Matilda is a book which is kind of fantasy and also realistic fiction. Matilda is about a five year old girl called Matilda Wormwood, she lives with her brother and her parents, who don't really care about her, in fact they seem to almost hate her, Matilda loves to read but her parents don't approve, they’d prefer if she was just to watch television. A bit later on in the book Matilda starts school, her teacher, Miss. Honey is soon to find out that she is a Maths and English prodigy but the evil headteacher, Miss. Trunchbull, doesn’t believe her.

I think that this book is good because really fun to read, I think this because it uses interesting words and phrases and also it has some unexpected turns.

I rate this book 4.7 stars because it is very good but It would be better if it were shorter.